Hamazkayin Launches The H-pem Online Armenian Cultural Platform h-pem.com: Connecting Armenians Through Culture, Art, And Achievement

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BEIRUT (MAY 16, 2019)—After months of careful planning and development, h-pem—an online cultural platform established by the Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society—was launched and made available to the public on May 13, 2019.

In 2014, Hamazkayin’s seventh General Assembly outlined the imperativeness of the creation of an innovative online platform to more effectively implement the organization’s mission and to reach Armenians in the diaspora—specifically the Diasporan Armenian youth.

H-Pem will reach Armenian communities around the world and help Armenians—particularly Armenian youth—(re)connect with their homeland and culture in new, creative, and cooperative ways. The platform will also provide a space for Armenian artists and writers to showcase their talents and will become a portal where users from Armenia and the Diaspora can collectively explore new ways to discover, interact with, and help reinvigorate various aspects of Armenian culture.

H-Pem will carry out its mission by creating a space that is driven by quality, professionalism, and innovation, all while placing Armenian culture in the wider context of universal/global culture.

By using English as its primary language, h-pem will look to foster communication and interaction between the dispersed masses of Armenians and inspire a new generation of English-speaking Armenians to embrace their cultural heritage. The use of Armenian as a fun and enjoyable language is also a part of h-pem’s greater mission.

H-Pem strives to:

  • Introduce different facets of the Armenian culture—from both the homeland and the worldwide diaspora—to the public;
  • Present Armenian cultural values, works of art, and cultural initiatives to the public in innovative ways;
  • Provide a virtual space for users to meet, debate, and present their ideas and their work;
  • Organize cultural collaborations and host live streams of Armenian cultural events around the world.

H-Pem is a pan-Armenian initiative. The Hamazkayin Armenian Cultural and Educational Society has undertaken the difficult yet necessary duty of creating and establishing this space ahead of an ever-growing wave of assimilation in the Armenian Diaspora. We hope to build and foster a multi-layered, rich, and comprehensible platform, which can be the beginning of a cultural (re)awakening, especially in the Diaspora, where the need for regeneration and revival is more palpable now than ever before.

We invite you to become a part of the h-pem community and to spread the word about its mission.

Website։ www.h-pem.com

Instagram: @hpemonline

Facebook: H-Pem կամ facebook.com/hpemonline

Twitter: @hpemonline

The Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society,
Central Executive Board