ARF Junior Organization of Canada

"Rosdom" & "Chrisdapor" Chapters


The Armenian Youth Federation Juniors Organization of Canada (AYF JOC) brings together Armenian youth and promotes amity among all Armenians in order to engender a mutual commitment for a united, free, and independent Armenia. AYF JOC fosters nationalistic pride among all Armenian youth through educational, political, cultural, athletic, and social activities.
The junior group, “Rosdom” (ages 7-12) and “Krisdapor” (ages 12-16) chapters, meet every Friday. During the meetings, they learn about the history of Armenia, sing patriotic songs, watch educational documentaries or movies, and play games. They also organize outdoor activities and social events.

Over several decades after its founding, the AYF JOC stands prepared to adapt to changing times and meet the needs of the community at large. Knowing full well that its future rests in the hands of active Armenian youth lending their support and becoming involved in the organization, the AYF strives to reach a new generation of young Armenians and introduce vibrant programs relevant to current times.


Raffi Hasserjian
“Christapor” Counselor
Sako Kelebozian
“Christapor” Counselor
Alex Tutunjian
“Christapor” Counselor
Vatche Ayvazian
“Rosdom” Counselor
Serouj Yacoubian
“Rosdom” Counselor
Alique Barsamian
“Rosdom” Counselor

Committees & Programs

The juniors across Canada participate in Regional Seminars in autumn and spring of each fiscal year, in Camp Christie Lake. These Camp-Seminars are an amazing opportunity for the young people to leave their urban lifestyles for a weekend and experience “life in nature”, all conducted in a safe, supervised, educational, yet fun and challenging program.

The camp-seminars provides opportunities for exploration, creativity, and personal growth. Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated counselors and the organizing committee, the yearly camp-seminars provides a unique setting in which learning and fun intersect. The counselors, guest speakers, and instructors share their knowledge and provide instruction in self-defense, the role of the Armenian National Committee of Canada, The Armenian Cause and History, Social Media Marketing and Safety and many other contemporary issues.

The AYF JOC Regional Committee organizes trips to Armenia and Artsakh, every other year. This educational travel program fully engages the youth in authentic learning experiences in Armenia and Artsakh. It aims at introducing the youth to the rich natural, cultural, and historical aspects of our Motherland. Participants build lasting memories and wonderful friendships as they expand their knowledge of the Armenian history.