Armenian National Comittee of Canada


The Armenian National Committee of Toronto is a chapter of the Armenian National Committee of Canada, a grassroots organization that was founded in 1965 to address the concerns of the Canadian Armenian community on a broad range of issues.

The main goals of the ANCT are:
• To foster public awareness in support of a free, united and independent Armenia
• To influence and guide Canadian policy on matters of interest to the Armenian community
• To represent the collective Armenian Canadian viewpoint on matters of public policy, while serving as liaison between the community and their elected officials

Highlights of ANCT's achievements include:
1. Recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the Canadian Senate on June 13, 2002.
2. Recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the House of Commons of Canada on April 21, 2004.
3. Inclusion of Armenian Genocide studies as part of the grade 11 curriculum at the Toronto District School Board in 2008.
4. The House of Commons reaffirmed its commitment for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide resolution adopted on April 21, 2004 calling upon the government to honor the victims of all genocides by recognizing the month of April as Genocide Remembrance, Condemnation and Prevention Month; and acknowledging Armenian Genocide Memorial Day on April 24.
5. The Armenian Genocide Memorial Forest, located in Ashton Meadows Park in the City of Markham. 100 trees of 13 species will be planted in honor of the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide.


Harout Matossian
Vatche Kelebozian
Harout Donoian
Sarkis Keusseyan
Hrair Jamgotchian
Sarkis Kidanian
Kevork Chilingirian
Sevag Khoshian
Arpi Akelian